Extended Power Bundle: Mowrator S1 4WD Lawn Mower+Extra 12Ah Battery

Extended Power Bundle: Mowrator S1 4WD Lawn Mower+Extra 12Ah Battery

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Extended Power Bundle: Mowrator S1 4WD Lawn Mower+Extra 12Ah Battery

Extended Power Bundle: Mowrator S1 4WD Lawn Mower+Extra 12Ah Battery

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  •  Mow Lawn Up To 1.125 Acres / 4500㎡ / 49005 sq ft Per Charge
  •  All-wheel drive For 75% Slope (37°)
  •  Mow 0.5 Acres / 2000㎡ / 21780 sq ft Per Hour
  •  21 Inches Cutting Width
  •  20 Inches Cutting Height
  •  1.3 - 4.6 Inches Adjustable Blade Height
  •  Runtime Up To 135 MIN With 18Ah LiFePO4 Battery
  •  3-in-1 System: Mulch, Rear Bagging and Discharge
  •  Recharge 90 MIN or Less With Super Charger
  •  Easy Push Button Start. No Gas, No Oil, No Emissions

30-day return policy

You and your family will love Mowrator, guaranteed, or your money back!* Return shipping will not be covered unless there is a quality problem. See details at Return policy.

Air Shipping Delivery Service

  • Mowrator S1 will start shipping on July.
  • You can also select air shipping value-added service during the checkout process, which offers a delivery time of 7 business days.

24-month warranty

Mowrator Main Machine/Remote Control/Battery: 2 Year Warranty.
See details at Warranty policy.

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  • Air Shipping Value-Added Service Supported
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Extended Power Bundle: Mowrator S1 4WD Lawn Mower+Extra 12Ah Battery

Extended Power Bundle: Mowrator S1 4WD Lawn Mower+Extra 12Ah Battery

Regular price $3,758.00
Sale price $3,758.00 Regular price $4,698.00
Save $940.00
Sale Sold out

  • Check List

    Main Machine
    LiFePO4 18Ah 56V Battery 
    LiFePO4 12Ah 56V Battery 
    Remote Controller 
    21 Inches Mowing Blade
    IP65 600W Fast Super Charger
    Drive Wheels
    Mulch Plug
    Manual Clippings Bag
    OTG Data Cable
    Neck Strap
    Pipe Connector


    Shipping Time

    Mowrator S1 Mower: 30th, July

    12Ah Battery: 15th, September

    Goggles, Neck Strap, Pipe Connector: 1st, August

  • Packing List:

    packing list
    Main Machine *1
    LiFePO4 18Ah 56V Battery *1
    Remote Controller *1 
    21 Inches Mowing Blade *1
    IP65 600W Fast Super Charger *1
    Mulching Insert *1
    Grass Bag *1

    Operating Temperature 0~40℃ / 32~104℉
    Water Resistance IP54 (Splash Proof)
    Deck Material Reinforced Aluminum Alloy
    Minimum Mowing Area 2000 sqm / 0.5 acre
    Steering System RZ Steering System
    Maximum Speed 1.5 m/s / 3.4 mph
    Climbing Motor 250 W
    Climbing Torque Type 23 Nm, Max 34 Nm Type 17 ft lb, Max 25 ft lb
    Cutting Width 21 in
    Blade Disk Material DC06 Reinforced Hardened Steel
    Blade Torque 6 ft lb
    Cutting Motor 800 W
    Max Cutting Motor 1600 W
    Blade Speed Max 3200 rpm (adjustable)
    Noise Level 63 dB@3m
    Operations Mulching/Bagging/Side Discharge
    Ultrasonic Sensors 4 collision sensors front/rear/left/right
    Front Collision Sensors Front Bumper Anti-collision
    Tilt Sensor Supported
    Anti-theft Supported
    Emergency Stop Two-button
    RF Module Proprietary FHSS
    Operating Frequency 2.400~2.480 GHz
    Antenna Dual PCB Antenna
    Max RF Output EIRP 9 dBm
    OTA Update Supported
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  • Mowing Wide, Tall And Tough

  • Battery Runtime 2.25 Hours

  • User Friendly Smart Control

  • Multiple Safe Design

Conquer Any Terrain with Unstoppable Performance

Conquer the toughest terrains with the Mowrator S1 Pro 4WD. Its robust design and all-wheel drive system ensure it remains invincible on

  • Extreme slopes
  • Dangerous terrain
  • Inaccessible areas

Conquer Tall, Thick, and Complex Grass with Ease

Unleash the unrivaled power of the Mowrator S1 Pro 4WD and effortlessly conquer grass up to 17 inches tall. Designed with exceptional cutting capabilities, this extraordinary mower tackles the thickest grass, complex grass types, and finely groomed park lawns, delivering unmatched performance, precision, and the joy of effortlessly mastering every mowing task with ease.

Revolutionary 10-Year LiFePO4 Battery

Mowrator S1's revolutionary 10-year LiFePO4 battery ensures uninterrupted performance, eliminating the need for frequent replacements, and allowing you to effortlessly maintain a perfectly groomed lawn with a mowing capacity of up to 1.125 acres per charge, a runtime of up to 135 minutes, and quick recharging in 90 minutes or less with the included Super Charger.

Prioritizing Your Safety with Enhanced Mowrator S1 Features

Ensuring your safety is our top priority. The Mowrator S1 comes with automatic collision avoidance using front-and-side ultrasonic sensors. It detects obstacles, people, and pets in advance, instantly halting movement and blade rotation. Additionally, its embedded sensor feedback technology ensures immediate blade stoppage if the grass discharge area is opened during operation, keeping everyone safe.

Smart Obstacle Avoidance

Experience peace of mind during mowing with advanced 4 front-and-side ultrasonic sensors, which detect and prevent accidents by automatically stopping movement and blade rotation upon detecting obstacles, people, or pets.

Stop Blade Instantly for Enhanced Safety

Ensure enhanced safety during mowing with the Mowrator S1's embedded sensor feedback technology. The blade automatically stops instantly if the grass discharge area is opened while the device is operating, ensuring safety without compromising on performance.

Ultimate Control at Your Fingertips with Remote Controller

Experience ultimate control with the Mowrator S1 remote. Effortlessly navigate your yard, transforming it into a perfectly manicured paradise while saving time and effort.

Effortless Maneuvering with Responsive Remote Control

Take control of your mowing experience with the Mowrator S1's responsive remote control. Effortlessly navigate corners and crevices by controlling the left joystick forward and using the right joystick to turn.

*Assisted driving needs ultrasonic sensor on. The sensor is on by default. Use with caution.

Assisted Driving for Perfect Lawn Coverage

Make mowing a breeze with the Mowrator S1's easy cruise control feature - simply press a button for automatic forward movement, while the embedded IMU keeps it on a straight path.

One-Button Bag Dumping

Effortlessly transport clippings and save time with the Mowrator S1's innovative one-button bag dumping system, providing a hassle-free mowing experience and eliminating the need for manual checking and bending over.

Powerful Leaf Vacuum

  • Air volume: 1612 CFM (Comparable to Gas-Leaf Vacumn)
  • Strong suction vacuums up leaves thoroughly

Curious about Specs Comparison?

Explore the advantages of the Mowrator litter Remote Control Lawn Mower over traditional and fully automatic litter Remote Control Lawn Mower.

User-Friendly Remote Control

L2 Assisted Drivin

Front Bumper with Contact Sensor

Multi-Mode Mowing

Eco Friendly: Zero Emissions

Zero-Turn Radius

Noise Level

63 dB

95.8 dB

82.7 dB


Cutting Width

21 in

25,6 in

30 in

21 in

Adjustable Cutting Height

1.8 - 4.6 in

1.6-3.9 in

1.5-4.5 in

Battery Longevity (Cycle Life)





Ultrasonic Obstacle Sensors






26.2 x 20.5 x 60.4 in

24 x 39 x 44 in

41 x 45 x 56 in

26.2 x 20.5 x 60.4 in(FITS THROUGH A STANDARD 36" GATE)


115 lbs

386 lbs

392 lbs

115 lbs

Mowrator S1 Auto Dumping Bag

Mowrator S1 Auto Dumping Bag
Regular price $499.00
Sale price $499.00 Regular price $499.00
Sale Sold out

Mowrator S1 Vacuum Kit | Fan Blade+Airflow Deflector Plate

Mowrator S1 Vacuum Kit | Fan Blade+Airflow Deflector Plate
Regular price $299.00
Sale price $299.00 Regular price $299.00
Sale Sold out
Run Time 2.25 Hours
Charge Time 90 mins
Weight 135.6 lbs
Drivetrain 4WD
Mowing Slope 75%
Maximum Speed 1.5 m/s / 3.4 mph

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What Our Users Say

  • " The Mowrator is so unique in the market."

    The Mowrator is so unique in the market and we are so excited about partnering with their company to get this into the USA and particularly California markets. The feedback that we've got from the dealers has been very positive, especially with the construction of the device.

    — Dean
  • " This is something that I haven't seen in this industry"

    There's a lot of robotic mowers we work with, but I think the tightness of the controls was really unique. As a landscaper working with battery electric equipment and robotic mowers, I'm always looking for unique and innovative companies like Mowrator, and I think the product is something I really want to invest time and effort learning about.

    — Whisper
  • The first impression was that the mower looked very tough with a steel tube frame. The fabrication quality differed from the current market's more miniature, plastic, toy-like robots. The interactive demonstration provided the perfect area for new users to experience how easy the S1 was to operate.

  • As well as the remote control, what sets the Mowrator S1 apart from others is how it cuts like a beast! It will handle long grass with gusto. It will mulch, it can vacuum up leaves and then dump them in a pile elsewhere, deal with hills and slopes.



The difference between S1 ADVANCED and S1 PRO.

Their primary difference lies in their slope handling capabilities: the PRO AWD can tackle slopes up to 75% (37 degrees), while the ADVANCED can manage slopes up to 45% (24 degrees).

Additionally, there's a difference in the adjustable range for cutting height: the PRO AWD adjusts from 1.5 to 4.3 inches, whereas the ADVANCED offers a range of 1.8 to 4.6 inches.

What is the cutting torque of the machine?

The cutting torque is 6.0 ft.-lbs., making it comparable to gas mowers. This design ensures that our mower can handle tall, hard grass efficiently.

How big of a yard will it mow on a charge?

Mowrator S1 can mow 1.125 arces for one charge.

How long does it work for one charge?

Mowrator's battery is 56V 18Ah Lithium iron phosphate. The runtime is up to 2 and a quarter hours and has a cycle life of 1500 that's three times the industry average. Approximately 90 minutes for a full charge.

The choice of the blade (normal blade, high-lift blade, high-lift mulching blade), the height of the grass, the height of the grass left after mowing, and whether the lawn has slopes or is uneven can greatly affect the runtime of the battery.

With the normal blade, our battery's maximum runtime ranges from 0.6h to 3.2h.

For lawns that are maintained frequently, the runtime is generally between 2 to 3.2 hours.

For lawns that are not maintained frequently, the runtime is between 1.5 to 2 hours.

For lawns that have been neglected for a long time and have taller grass, the runtime is between 0.6 and 1.5 hours.

Is the Mowrator S1 safe to use?

Mowrator S1 is designed with safety in mind, ensuring the protection of everyone and everything around it.

It has 4 ultrasonic sensors designed to avoid collisions, and a front bumper for an added layer of protection.

Additionally, it features sensors that prompt the machine and the blade to decelerate and safely stop in case of tilting or rolling over.

How fast is it?

The Max speed is 3.5mph(1.5 m/s).

Is it water proof?

Our lawn mower boasts an IP54 waterproof rating, ensuring it can withstand light rain.

Would like to share the Durability Test our mower pass:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yG4KhKc2HQc

General Inquiries

Which countries do you ship to?

Mowrator will be available in the following countries:

  • North America: United States*, Canada. 
  • Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.  
  • Oceania: Australia.

*We cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, US territories, or post office boxes.

If you are located outside of these countries and would like more information about shipping, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at support@mowrator.com. We'll be happy to help.

What is the shipment sequence and shipment time?

The Mowrator S1 will ship orders based on the order sequence and begin shipping from local warehouse at the end of July.

Here are the expected delivery timelines:

  • U.S. Customers: The earliest delivery date is around the end of July.
  • European customers: The earliest delivery date is around early August.
  • Canadian and Australian Customers:The earliest delivery date is around mid-August.

What is the shipping fee and do I have to pay taxes?

Shipping fee will vary depending on the country and will be calculated at the checkout page.

We cover the costs of taxes and duties.

How can I track my order?

Once your order ships, you will receive an email notification containing a tracking number. You can use this tracking number to monitor the progress and location of your package during transit.

Can l change my shipping address after payment?

After payment, you can contact our customer support team at support@mowrator.com for assistance with address modifications.

Please note that address modifications before order shipping will not incur any fees. However, address modifications after order shipping will incur a $50 address correction fee.

Therefore, please ensure that all shipping information provided is accurate when placing an order.

What is the Mowrator warranty and repair services?

Mowrator Main Machine/Remote Control/Battery: 2 Year Warranty.

Consumable items can be exchanged within 15 days if they are damaged upon receipt or damaged within 15 days of normal use, provided there is no human-caused damage or improper operation

Consumable items: Cutting blade/Bumper/Highly elastic, air-free integrated tire/Elastic parts (boost spring, tension spring)/Collection frame/The rest of the decorative parts.

More information: https://mowrator.com/pages/warranty

What is the Mowrator return policy?

You can apply for return within 30 days after receiving the goods. To return a product, please keep the original packaging and pack the machine to its original dimensions (to avoid extra charges for overweight).

Please confirm the return address with the customer service staff. Contactinformation:support@mowrator.com

Professional After-sale Service

Mowrator Partners with Besender for Premium After-Sales Service.

The service network includes 13 service centers. The
service area covers more than 45 countries around the
world (mainly: North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc.)

Lifetime Customer Support

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