18Ah 56V LiFePO4 Battery For Mowrator S1

18Ah 56V LiFePO4 Battery For Mowrator S1

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18Ah 56V LiFePO4 Battery For Mowrator S1

18Ah 56V LiFePO4 Battery For Mowrator S1

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18Ah 56V LiFePO4 Battery For Mowrator S1

18Ah 56V LiFePO4 Battery For Mowrator S1

Regular price $1,299.00
Sale price $1,299.00 Regular price $1,299.00
Sale Sold out
  • 18 Ah Battery For Mowrator S1

    Runtime: 2.25 Hours

    Charge Cycles: 1500 Times

    Warranty: 2-Year Warranty More Information>>

    • Longevity: With a lifespan of approximately 10 years and the ability to withstand 1500 charge cycles, our battery is built to last and provide reliable power for years to come.
    • High-Temperature Resistance: Designed to perform in hot summer conditions, our battery maintains its efficiency and safety even in high temperatures, ensuring consistent performance.
    • Safety Features: The battery is equipped with multiple safety designs to protect against overcharging, overheating, and other potential hazards, providing peace of mind during operation.
    • Cost-Effective: With a long lifespan and durable construction, our battery offers a cost-effective solution for powering your lawn mower, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving you money in the long run.
    Weight 9.5 kg (21 lbs.)
    Size 14.1*9.9*4.2 in
    (357*252*106 mm)
    Voltage Output Range 44.8-58.4 V
    Battery Capacity 18 Ah
    Battery Energy 921.6 Wh
    Charging Time 90 mins
    With Mowrator 600W Super Charger
    Run Time 2.26 hrs.
    Mowing Area Per Charge 1.125 Acres
    (4500 m²)
    Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate
    Charge Cycle 1500
    BMS Protection Charging Over-Temperature
    Discharging Over-Temperature
    Overvoltage of Total Voltage
    Undervoltage of Single-Cell
    Short Circuit
    Communication Abnormality Protection
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  • " The Mowrator is so unique in the market."

    The Mowrator is so unique in the market and we are so excited about partnering with their company to get this into the USA and particularly California markets. The feedback that we've got from the dealers has been very positive, especially with the construction of the device.

    — Dean
  • " This is something that I haven't seen in this industry"

    There's a lot of robotic mowers we work with, but I think the tightness of the controls was really unique. As a landscaper working with battery electric equipment and robotic mowers, I'm always looking for unique and innovative companies like Mowrator, and I think the product is something I really want to invest time and effort learning about.

    — Whisper
  • The first impression was that the mower looked very tough with a steel tube frame. The fabrication quality differed from the current market's more miniature, plastic, toy-like robots. The interactive demonstration provided the perfect area for new users to experience how easy the S1 was to operate.

  • As well as the remote control, what sets the Mowrator S1 apart from others is how it cuts like a beast! It will handle long grass with gusto. It will mulch, it can vacuum up leaves and then dump them in a pile elsewhere, deal with hills and slopes.

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