• 6%

    Commission Rate

  • 30

    Days Cookie Duration

  • >$2000

    Average Order Value

  • Content Creators & Influencers

    Are you a content creator or influencer looking to monetize your passion? Join our affiliate program and get rewarded for inspiring your community to improve their work through our products and services.

  • Tech Review &Ranking Websites

    If you're a tech enthusiast who thrives on sharing insights through reviews and rankings,partner with us. Expand your reach,attract more users,and earn revenue by promoting our offerings.

  • Media Publishers

    Whether you're a tech news network, media outlet, or podcast, our affiliate program offers an opportunity to boost
    your earnings. Leverage your platform to promote our products and earn commissions through integrated affiliate links.

Guide To Make Commissions


What is an affiliate program, and how does it operate?

An affiliate network marketing program offers a third-party platform that allows affiliate marketers (also known as partners or publishers) to earn commissions by boosting a merchant's traffic or sales. In our program, we exclusively support CPA partner relationships. We provide banners, links, coupon codes, and other creative materials to our affiliates. You can then share them via tracking links on your website or social media. If customers make purchases in our store through your link, we will remit a commission to you.

ls joining the Mowartor affiliate program free?

Yes, there are no registration fees associated with the ShareASale and GOAFFPRO affiliate programs.

What is the commission rate?

We offer a commission rate of 6%. Exceptional membersare eligible for higher commission levels.

When can we expect to receive commissions?

For ShareASale affiliates: ShareASale will disburse payments on a monthlybasis. All checks will be sent to the billing contact provided in the affiliateapplication form. Please ensure that your billing information is accurate forsuccessful payments. For Goaffpro affiliates: We will make monthlypayments to you, kindly provide your PayPal account details in your Goaffpro account.

ls there a discount when making purchases through my affiliate link?

Yes, your affiliate link will include a discount, and we periodically host seasonal promotional events. This is the ideal time to inform your audience that they can support you by making purchases through your link. Goaffpro affiliates also have the option of custom coupon codes for promotional purposes.