1. General Terms

1.1 Service Scope


MOWRATOR provides services for MOWRATOR products currently sold within MOWRATOR's warranty coverage.

MOWRATOR guarantees that the MOWRATOR product you purchased will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. The warranty period for this product starts from the day you receive the goods. If you cannot provide valid proof of purchase such as an invoice, the warranty start date will be 90 days after the manufacturing date shown on the machine or as otherwise specified by MOWRATOR.

For clarity, the current list of MOWRATOR products sold within MOWRATOR's warranty coverage is shown in the table below. This list will be updated periodically as part of this document to reflect when new products become covered under MOWRATOR's warranty program.

**Product Name**

MOWRATOR S1 Professional Remote Controller
MOWRATOR 600w Supercharger

1.2 How to Obtain After-sales Service


During the warranty period, if the product cannot achieve the guaranteed functions, please contact MOWRATOR to obtain the corresponding after-sales service. MOWRATOR may not provide after-sales services in some regions, and the content of the after-sales service policies may also vary by region. Services outside the regular service scope may be subject to charges. To learn about local information, please contact MOWRATOR.

1.3 Product and Part Replacement


If the warranty service involves replacing a product or part, the replaced product or part will become MOWRATOR's property, and the replacement product or part will become your property. Only unmodified MOWRATOR products and parts are eligible for replacement. The replacement products or parts provided by MOWRATOR may not be new but will be in good working condition and at least functionally equivalent to the replaced items. Replacement products or parts will receive the same warranty service as the remaining original product warranty period.

1.4 Use of Personal Contact Information


If you obtain service under this warranty, you authorize MOWRATOR to store, use, and process relevant information about the machine and your contact information, including name, phone number, address, and email address. MOWRATOR may use this information to provide services under this policy. We may contact you to ask about your satisfaction with our warranty services or to notify you of any product recalls or safety issues. For these purposes, you authorize MOWRATOR to transfer your information to any country or region where we operate and to provide it to agencies representing us. We may also disclose this information if required by law.

1.5 Handling of Non-official Products


Non-official products refer to MOWRATOR products that are not sold through MOWRATOR's official sales channels or are sold in the US market without applicable warranty coverage.

MOWRATOR authorized service centers only accept official products for service. For clarity, consumers who purchase non-official products should contact the original seller directly to obtain the necessary services or support.

If a device is found to be non-official, the consumer should be advised to contact the seller from whom they purchased the device for further support.

Note: If non-official products are mistakenly sent to a service center, the service center will notify the dealer to return the device as "Return Unrepaired" at the dealer's expense (using the dealer's logistics), and the dealer will bear the handling/inspection fee for this return.

2. Warranty Coverage


MOWRATOR warrants that, during the warranty period (as defined below), the product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and operation according to the respective product user manual.

Note: An invoice or proof of purchase must be presented before any service is provided during the warranty period.

2.1 Warranty Period


Individual users can choose to purchase additional MOWRATOR Care+ services at the time of purchase to extend the warranty period for the MOWRATOR machine body and remote control by one year.

(Personal, home use)
(Any commercial, professional or agricultural, institutional or income generating use)
MOWRATOR main machine
2 years or 2000 total hours of use, whichever comes first
Per specific contract
Remote control
2 years or 2000 total hours of use, whichever comes first
Per specific contract
Cutting blade

Consumable Parts

Can be returned/exchanged within 15 days if not damaged by human factors or improper operation

Consumable Parts

Can be returned/exchanged within 15 days if not damaged by human factors or improper operation

Highly elastic, air-free integrated tire
Elastic parts (boost spring, tension spring)
Collection frame
Rest of the decorative parts

For other MOWRATOR products eligible for the Mowrator warranty, please consult the respective MOWRATOR dealer for more information on the warranty period for each product. [MOWRATOR reserves the final interpretation rights for all parts]

2.2 Warranty Service


(1) Applying for Warranty Service

If the product experiences a performance failure during the valid warranty period, you can apply for product warranty service.

(2) The following conditions must be met to receive free warranty service:

√ The product experiences a non-human-caused performance failure during normal use within the specified product warranty period;
√ No unauthorized disassembly, modification, or addition not guided by the official instructions, or other human-caused failures;
√ Valid proof of purchase, invoices, and order numbers are provided.

(3) The following situations are not covered by free product warranty service:

× Collisions or burn accidents caused by human factors, not due to product quality issues;
× Damage caused by unauthorized modification, disassembly, or opening not guided by official instructions;
× Damage or water ingress caused by incorrect installation, use, or operation not following the instructions;
× Damage caused by the customer's self-repair or assembly of parts without official guidance;
× Damage caused by unauthorized circuit modifications or improper matching and use of battery packs or chargers not guided by official instructions;
× Damage caused by operation not following the product manual;
× Damage caused by forced operation when parts are worn or damaged;
× Reliability and compatibility issues caused by using non-MOWRATOR certified third-party parts;
× Damage caused by insufficient power or using batteries with quality issues that result in insufficient discharge;
× Torn, altered machine serial numbers, factory labels, or other markings;
× Failure to send the corresponding item within 7 natural days after contacting MOWRATOR to confirm warranty service.

2.3 Other Notes


√ Due to product differences, the warranty period, return and exchange policies, and warranty services may vary in different countries where the product is purchased. For details, please visit https://www.mowrator.com/
√ Users need to send the problematic product back. After the MOWRATOR agent or MOWRATOR after-sales service center receives the problem machine, they will conduct a fault detection to determine the responsibility. If it is due to a product quality defect, MOWRATOR will be responsible for the inspection fees, material fees, labor fees, and shipping fees.
√ If the product does not meet the free repair conditions after inspection, the customer can choose to pay for repair or have the original machine returned.
√ If the machine's problem is not covered by the warranty (such as human-caused damage), we will charge the corresponding inspection fees, parts replacement fees, testing fees, labor fees, and shipping fees based on the specific issue.
√ Please note that product repair may lead to data loss, so please back up your data in advance.
√ Out-of-warranty products can use paid post-warranty services, and the analysis results will not affect MOWRATOR's final handling solution.
√ Please do not send back batteries with severe damage such as broken cores, swelling, or leakage; if they have been sent back, our company will dispose of such batteries and not return them.
√ Due to product version differences, products do not support global warranty coverage and can only receive warranty services at MOWRATOR-designated MOWRATOR regional repair centers. If repair is needed at a non-purchase region designated repair center, MOWRATOR will handle it at its discretion based on local inventory availability and only provide paid services.
√ If you purchase MOWRATOR products in Canada, the United States, or Mexico, please note that starting from March 15, 2024, only MOWRATOR products purchased from MOWRATOR's designated sales outlets or suppliers will be eligible for the after-sales services provided under this policy.
√ If the customer provides an incorrect delivery address or if the recipient refuses to accept the delivery, any resulting losses shall be borne by the customer.
√ If you cannot be reached through the registered contact information for an extended period, and the shipment cannot be delivered or is refused and returned to MOWRATOR, MOWRATOR will keep the product for 60 days from the last date of contact with you or the date the shipment is returned to MOWRATOR. Starting from the expiration of the storage period, MOWRATOR will calculate storage fees. Due to the requirements of the storage environment, the storage fee standard is: $1/day. When the storage fee is equivalent to the remaining value of the product, MOWRATOR will have the right to dispose of the product (the remaining value of the product is calculated as: remaining value = original selling price - this repair fee).
√ If you wish to send the product back across countries/regions, you must obtain MOWRATOR's consent, and any resulting customs duties and clearance fees must be borne by you.
√ If the machine has been water-damaged, it will severely affect the product's performance and may not be repairable. In such cases, MOWRATOR cannot provide repair services but will provide a product replacement service. Please be aware of this and send the product back at your discretion.
√ Before sending the product for repair, please properly handle any personalized items and decorations attached to the original product (including but not limited to decorative stickers, UAS stickers, paint coatings, etc.). MOWRATOR is not responsible for any damage to or loss of personalized items and decorations.
√ To ensure your normal rights and interests, please check if the product is intact when signing for the goods (whether there is any damage caused by logistics reasons, etc.). If there are any abnormalities with the product, please provide feedback within 7 days from the date of signing for the goods; otherwise, it will be deemed that you have accepted the product as undamaged and functioning normally. According to the logistics claims management process, if the product is damaged during transportation, you need to contact MOWRATOR support within 24 hours to report the issue; otherwise, we will not be able to process your claim after the deadline.
For detailed MOWRATOR after-sales policies and paid repair services, please visit https://www.mowrator.com/

3. Terms and Conditions


MOWRATOR reserves the right to revise these after-sales service and warranty terms at any time and will notify customers in due course after the revision. The revised terms will take effect from the date of publication.

This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights under the laws of your jurisdiction.

How to Obtain Service. To obtain warranty service, you must take the product to an authorized repair dealer/center. You must present proof of purchase (including date, product model, and serial number) to the authorized repair dealer/center to obtain warranty service. You must retain proof of purchase. You can register your product on our online product registration website to help ensure that you receive important product information notices. However, product registration is not a condition for obtaining warranty service.

The above terms are effective from the date of publication. Thank you for choosing MOWRATOR remote control lawn mower products. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact our after-sales service team at any time.