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To simplify life with technology and foster harmonious development in families and communities.


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A Letter From Mowrator Team

Hi there,

As part of our journey together, we're thrilled to share the origin story of the Mowrator S1, a product born out of a vision to revolutionize lawn care for everyone, especially as we age. Our commitment to making lawn maintenance easier, safer, and more enjoyable led us to create our first product: the Remote-controlled Mowrator S1.

The spark for this innovation was ignited by our founder, a former DJI team leader with eight years of experience in pioneering drone technology. Witnessing the struggles of the elderly mowing their lawns in the scorching heat, he was driven by a question: "How can we make mowing effortless for everyone?" This reflection marked the beginning of Mowrator. Embarking on this venture two years ago, our core team, with roots in DJI, dove headfirst into research and development.

After dedicating over 2000 hours to rigorous testing and refinement, we are proud to say that the Mowrator S1 is not just an idea but a reality, poised to change the way we care for our lawns. To date, we have dispatched up to 10 units of the Mowrator S1 across 8 states overseas, gathering invaluable feedback. This process has been crucial in ensuring that our product meets the high standards we set for ourselves and, more importantly, the needs of our future users like you.

We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy their outdoor spaces without the burden of laborious lawn maintenance. The Mowrator S1 is our first step towards achieving that vision, and we're excited to have you with us on this journey. Thank you for your continued support. Stay tuned for more updates as we pave the way for a new era of lawn care.

Mowrator's motto: serve people - don't replace them!

Warm regards,
The Mowrator Team


Founded in 2022, Reemo Innovation Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that develops intelligent integrated outdoor cleaning robots, providing intelligent solutions.

The company's R&D team comes from DJI, Alibaba's DAMO robotic institute and other world-leading enterprises in the field of applied Al robotics, all of them have been in the robotics R&D industry for many years, with a full set of intelligent algorithms and hardware module -- making it a rare team in the field of pan-robotics with large-scale mass production experience.

Designed and produced in Shenzhen, a world-renowned center for intelligent hardware design and production, the company has long-term cooperation with listed groups in manufacturing, quality testing and supply chain, which provides a strong guarantee for large-scale mass production of products.

Founder of REEMO

Our CEO CHEN Yiqi holds a Masters degree in Automation Science and Technology. Early in his career, he successfully led DJI’s RoboMaster competition, a premier event gathering outstanding young engineers worldwide for the RoboMaster Super Contest. As Head Judge, he made vital contributions upholding the contest's fairness and efficiency.

Subsequently, in 2016, CHEN Yiqi led a team at DJI to develop the RoboMaster S1, the world's first entertainment and educational robot with a shooting capability. RoboMaster S1 has played a pivotal role in propelling robotics technology into the education sector, thanks to its innovative features and educational aspects.

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