Mowrator S1 Remote Control Lawn Mower

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%-D%!D:Day,Days; %-H%!H:hour,hours; %-M%!M:min,mins; %-S%!S:sec,secs;
Operating Temperature 0~40℃ / 32~104℉
Water Resistance IP54 (Splash Proof)
Deck Material Reinforced Aluminum Alloy
Minimum Mowing Area 2000 sqm / 0.5 acre
Steering System RZ Steering System
Maximum Speed 1.5 m/s / 3.4 mph
Climbing Motor 250 W
Climbing Torque Type 23 Nm, Max 34 Nm Type 17 ft lb, Max 25 ft lb
Cutting Width 21 in
Blade Disk Material DC06 Reinforced Hardened Steel
Blade Torque 6 ft lb
Cutting Motor 800 W
Max Cutting Motor 1600 W
Blade Speed Max 3200 rpm (adjustable)
Noise Level 63 dB@3m
Operations Mulching/Bagging/Side Discharge
Ultrasonic Sensors 4 collision sensors front/rear/left/right
Front Collision Sensors Front Bumper Anti-collision
Tilt Sensor Supported
Anti-theft Supported
Emergency Stop Two-button
RF Module Proprietary FHSS
Operating Frequency 2.400~2.480 GHz
Antenna Dual PCB Antenna
Max RF Output EIRP 9 dBm
OTA Update Supported

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Mowing Wide, Tall And Tough

Mowing Wide | 21-Inch Blade

● With 21-inch blade, Mowrator S1 can cover more ground in fewer passes, saving you time and effort.

● Optional self-sharpening blades cut the grass more neatly and require less frequent replacement

Mowing Tall | Up to 4.6 Inches

● Cutting height can be adjusted from 1.5 inches to 4.6 inches.

● Opt for a lower setting to achieve a tight, manicured look or raise the deck higher to tackle overgrown grass with ease.

Mowing Tough Grass| 6.0 ft.lbs Cutting Motor Torque

● Comparable to gas riding on mower. Cut St. Augustine grass with great results.

Mow With Neat Results

Max 75% Mowing Slop

Let Mowrator Handle Steep Slopes And Rough Terrain

The 4WD design, durable construction and enhanced stability handle rough terrain, uneven ground and challenging conditions with ease.

Battery Runtime 2.25 Hours

Safer, Longer-lasting LiFePO4 Battery

● Maximum coverage 1.25 acres per/charge.

● Up to ten years of battery life. 1500 recharge cycles, 3 times industry average.

● More resistant to high temperatures, safe to use in the hot summer.

Designed to Extend Battery Life

● Mowrator has a fan for battery cooling, extending battery lifespan.

● The battery's four corners are wrapped in silicone, preventing damage to the battery cells if dropped.


User Friendly Smart Control

Instructions for use are displayed on the screen. Easy to use.
One-click to go straight and one-click to turn around, saving time and effort.
Ergonomic design, comfortable to long-time hold.

Multiple Safe Design

Front Bumper And 4 Ultrasonic Sensor

● The front bumper prevents collisions.

● Sensitive ultrasonic sensors identify obstacles and automatically stop when approaching them.

Tilt / Rollover Sensor

● To stop the mower's blade from spinning if the mower tips over or rolls onto its side, the Tilt/Rollover Sensor provides an additional layer of protection.

Auto Dumping And Vacuum Cleaning

Convenient Automatic Grass Dumping

● Sparing you the hassle and mess of manual removal.

Powerful Leaf Vacuum

● Strong suction vacuums up leaves thoroughly

● Handles difficult spots like bushes, flower beds that are tough to access.

Product Reviews

Voice From Beta Tester

When I was at the Equip Expo in last October, what really stood out to me was this is something that I haven't seen in this industry. There's a lot of robotic mowers we work with, but I think the tightness of the controls was really unique. As a landscaper working with battery electric equipment and robotic mowers, I'm always looking for unique and innovative companies like Mowrator, and I think the product is something I really want to invest time and effort learning about.


The Mowrator is so unique in the market and we are so excited about partnering with their company to get this into the USA and particularly California markets. The feedback that we've got from the dealers has been very positive, especially with the construction of the device.


Strong Delivery Capability

The first batch of products is expected to ship from the warehouse in April. The machines can reach the first group of customers as early as May.

Benefit From Deposits


Price for machine

$1799 for 2 wheel drive version; $2199 for 4 wheel drive version

Where to buy?

Mowrator s1 is expected to be launched on kickstarter on March 27, 2024. You can subscribe this project here>>

Why we launch Mowrator S1 on Kickstarter?

By using crowdfunding on Kickstarter, we aim to develop the best possible robotic lawn mower by incorporating backer input while ensuring there is a market ready to purchase it after a successful campaign.

Kickstarter price guarantee

As an early backer on our Kickstarter campaign, you'll be taking advantage of our Kickstarter Price Guarantee. The pledge amount you pay during the campaign will be significantly less than the future retail price after the mower launches to the general public. This special Kickstarter pricing won't be available once the campaign is over.

What are the benefits you can get from deposit?

Back our Kickstarter campaign with a deposit, and you'll score the Mowrator S1 vacuum module for free - that's a feature the standard Mowrator S1 doesn't include. By putting some money down upfront, it helps us gauge real purchasing interest in the product.

Shipping details

The first shipments are expected in May 2024. We will then ship the items according to the order sequence.

Warranty policy

The Mowrator S1 comes with a 2-year warranty on main components and batteries. Consumable parts such as blades with 15 days warranty.
Please contact our customer service for any warranty claims or replacements.

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