How to start a lawn mower?

How to start a lawn mower?

Are you looking to rejuvenate your lawn without the hassle of tedious mowing work? Introducing the Mowrator S1 series, an essential modern household gadget that is not only easy to operate but also widely acclaimed for its eco-friendly features and superior performance. In this guide, we will delve into how to efficiently start and use this electric smart lawn mower, making lawn management a breeze.


Proper preparation is key to ensuring a smooth start and extending the life of your Mowrator S1. Follow these steps:
  • Battery Check: Ensure the battery is fully charged and check the power level through the LED indicator.
  • Lawn Clearing: Remove any obstacles from the lawn such as stones, toys, and large branches to prevent damage to the equipment.
  • Blade Maintenance: Regularly inspect the blades to ensure they are sharp and undamaged for optimal mowing results and safety.
  • Safety First: Wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves and safety goggles before starting to ensure safe operation.

Deck Height Adjustment

Adjusting the deck height to accommodate different lawn lengths is crucial. Follow these steps:
  1. Stabilize the frame and use your other hand to adjust the height adjustment lever.
  2. Choose the appropriate setting (the Mowrator S1 21'' model offers a range of 1.8 to 4.6 inches) and ensure the lever is securely fixed.

Lawn Mower Starting Process

Starting the electric smart lawn mower is a simple and quick process with just a few steps:

  1. Battery Connection: Open the core compartment cover and firmly plug the cable into the battery seat.
  2. Power Button: Press and hold the power button until the four indicator lights come on sequentially.
  3. Wait for Startup: Close the core compartment cover and wait for the lights to complete the yellow progress bar, indicating the machine has started.

Remote Control Starting Process

The Mowrator S1 series comes with a remote control for more convenient and precise operation. Follow these steps to turn on and connect the remote control:

  1. Remote Control Power On: Press and hold the power button, and press briefly to check the battery level.
  2. Password Entry: Enter your user password.
  3. Lawn Mower Connection: When the remote control is not connected, the lawn mower's indicator light will flash green; once connected, the light will stay on green.

Remote Control Pairing Operation
The Mowrator S1 series remote control is pre-paired with the lawn mower upon leaving the factory. If you need to re-pair the remote control and lawn mower, follow these steps:
  • Remote Control Side: Press the pairing shortcut button, or go to "Setting" --> "Pairing Mode".
  • Lawn Mower Side: Use a sharp object to press the pairing button; the flashing indicator light signifies entry into pairing mode.

Remote Control Operation Instructions

Using the remote control allows for more convenient and precise control of the lawn mower, resulting in a neatly trimmed lawn. The names and functions of the various parts of the remote control are shown in the figure below:

Assisted Driving Operation

Automatic driving operation allows the machine to move automatically without pressing the forward joystick, making operation more effortless.
  • Constant Speed Straight Line: Press the constant speed straight line button briefly, and the machine will automatically maintain its current posture and move in a straight line.
  • One-Touch Turnaround: Press the one-touch turnaround button briefly, and the lawn mower will automatically complete the turning operation.

Safe Start of the Blade

Before starting the blade, ensure all necessary safety measures have been taken. To operate, press the start button with two fingers simultaneously and confirm the start on the screen.
  1. Use your index fingers on both hands to press the left and right blade start buttons, then tap the confirmation button on the screen to start the blade normally.
  2. After the blade starts normally, keep either blade start button pressed to maintain the blade's operation.
  3. Release both blade start buttons to stop the blade.

Blade Speed Adjustment

Adjust the blade speed as needed:
  1. Mode Selection: Flip the blade mode selection switch to choose between manual or Smart mode.
  2. Speed Adjustment: In manual mode, the blade speed varies from slow to fast from left to right.

Common Problem Solutions

Having trouble with your electric smart lawn mower? Don't worry, we've prepared some simple and quick solutions to get your mowing experience back on track.
  • One-Touch Start, Full of Power: If the lawn mower doesn't start, first check if the battery is fully charged. Just like charging your phone, ensure the power is sufficient, and the lawn mower will regain its vigor.
  • Remote Control Joystick Stuck: If the joystick doesn't spring back or center, it may be due to small stones or other debris. A gentle blow or cleaning will restore the remote control's flexibility.
  • Blade Not Rotating: If the blade is stuck, remember to first turn off the lawn mower and disconnect the power source, then clear any debris around the blade to allow it to rotate freely.
  • Assisted Driving Function Failure: If the assisted driving function isn't working, check if ultrasonic obstacle avoidance or other safety features are enabled. Sometimes, for safety reasons, these features may forbid the lawn mower's automatic operation.


The electric smart lawn mower, with its efficient and eco-friendly characteristics, is the ideal choice for modern household lawn care. By following the above guide, you can easily start and use the electric smart lawn mower, enjoying the convenience brought by technology. Regular maintenance and checks will ensure your lawn mower operates stably for the long term, becoming a reliable assistant in your lawn care endeavors.
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