In our user research, we found that the safety of lawn mowers has always been a concern for users. Although the remote-controlled lawn mower is a remotely operated product, it still operates under human supervision, so we believe that remote-controlled lawn mowers are inherently quite safe. However, to ensure even greater safety, we have implemented additional safety features in the machine and remote control.

Ultrasonic Sensors

We have added ultrasonic sensors on the sides and front of the machine. When the ultrasonic function is enabled, the machine will detect obstacles at a distance of 30-90cm, and the machine will light up yellow. If an obstacle is within 30cm of the machine, the machine will light up red, and the cutting blades will stop working. A prompt will be displayed on the remote control. To clear this state, you need to maneuver the machine away from the obstacle, then restart the cutting blades.

Front Bumper

With the ultrasonic function disabled, the front bumper acts as a secondary protection. The bumper also has sensors inside, and the moment the bumper is impacted, the machine's cutting blades will immediately stop working, and a prompt will appear on the remote control. To clear this state, you need to press the C2 button on the remote control. The bumper is made of a cushioning PVC foam material to absorb impacts.

Tilt Detection

The machine has an internal tilt detection sensor. When the machine tilts by 40 degrees, it will stop moving and stop the blades.

Emergency stop button

As a failsafe option, there are two red emergency stop buttons on the sides of the machine and one on the remote control. Pressing any of these will immediately stop all machine operations in an emergency.


Beyond the design of the machine and remote, battery selection also considers safety. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are more heat-resistant, allowing the machine to operate in hot weather without risk of the battery exploding and causing injury.