Shipping details
  • Shipping Time: The first shipments are expected in May 2024. There will be some delays for orders in EU. We plan to start mass production at the end of March for the first 300 units and then ship them to the USA in April. They will arrive at the beginning of May and start to be delivered to the first group of backers from mid-May after Kickstarter ends. We can only access funds and confirm who has supported us after Kickstarter concludes. Based on pre-orders during the Kickstarter campaign, we can organize second and third productions.
  • Shipping Fee: Tax Included. Free shipping to USA mainland. For EU, UK, AU, CA, NZ and other countries, shipping fees may vary slightly depending on the destination.
Where would the product ship from?

The Mowrator S1 is manufactured in China, and we aim to provide an exceptional mowing experience at a reasonable price. The core members of our R&D team hail from DJI, bringing over a decade of experience in robotics development.Regarding our manufacturing capabilities, we're proud to share with you our mass production video, see the link below.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPUZuFzzWUw

About Kickstarter Campaign

  • Mowrator S1 2WD: from 1799 USD(1661 EUR / 1423 GBP / 2444 CAD / 2753 AUD / 2996 NZD)
  • Mowrator S1 4WD: from 2199 USD (2030 EUR / 1739 GBP / 2988 CAD / 3366 AUD / 3663 NZD)

Where to buy?

Mowrator s1 is expected to be launched on kickstarter on March 27, 2024. You can subscribe this project here>>

Why we launch Mowrator S1 on Kickstarter?

By using crowdfunding on Kickstarter, we aim to develop the best possible robotic lawn mower by incorporating backer input while ensuring there is a market ready to purchase it after a successful campaign.

Kickstarter price guarantee

As an early backer on our Kickstarter campaign, you'll be taking advantage of our Kickstarter Price Guarantee. The pledge amount you pay during the campaign will be significantly less than the future retail price after the mower launches to the general public. This special Kickstarter pricing won't be available once the campaign is over.

What are the benefits you can get from deposit?

Back our Kickstarter campaign with a deposit, and you'll score the Mowrator S1 vacuum module for free - that's a feature the standard Mowrator S1 doesn't include. By putting some money down upfront, it helps us gauge real purchasing interest in the product.

Warranty policy

The Mowrator S1 comes with a 2-year warranty on main components and batteries. Consumable parts such as blades with 15 days warranty.
Please contact our customer service for any warranty claims or replacements.

Contact information: support@mowrator.com


Is the Mowrator S1 safe to use?

Yes, the Mowrator S1 is designed with safety in mind, ensuring the protection of everyone and everything around it.It has 4 ultrasonic sensors designed to avoid collisions, and a front bumper for an added layer of protection. Additionally, it features sensors that prompt the machine and the blade to decelerate and safely stop in case of tilting or rolling over.

How long does it mow for one charge?

Our battery(56V 18Ah Lithium iron phosphate) lasts up to 2 and a quater hours, and has a cycle life of 1500 that's three times the industry average.

What is the cutting torque of the machine

The cutting torque is 6.0 ft.-lbs., making it comparable to gas mowers. This design ensures that our mower can handle tall, hard grass efficiently.

How much does it weight?

The weight of our product is

  • 45kg(excluding battery)
  • 99.2lb (excluding battery)
Size of the Mowrator S1

Bare machine size is

  • 960×655×430 mm (without grass bag)
  • 1533×665×520 mm (with grass bag)
  • 37.8×25.8×17.0 in (without grass bag)
  • 60.4×26.2×20.5 in (with grass bag)
Whether the machine uses electricity or solar energy?

Our products are powered by electricity,battery(56V 18Ah Lithium iron phosphate) lasts up to 2 and a quater hours, and has a cycle life of 1500 that's three times the industry average. Approximately 90 minutes for a full charge.

Is it water proof?

Our lawn mower boasts an IP54 waterproof rating, ensuring it can withstand light rain. Would like to share the Durability Test our mower pass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yG4KhKc2HQc

Charger plug compatibility

We will send charger plug compatible with local power and plug standards. (USA/UK/AU/EU/CA Standard)

Will you sell parts?

Yes, we sell parts including: Battery, blades(normal, high-lift, multching), grass bag(manul&auto) and vacuum kit.

Does the Mowrator have the ability to clean itself after mowing lawns.

The cutterhead frame is equipped with a quick-release water pipe plug for connecting the faucet. You can clean the cutterhead by filling the water pipe of the joint with water.

how fast is it?

Max speed 3.4 mph.

Is it possible to set the height of the blade?

The 4WD version adjusts from 1.5 to 4.3 inches, and the 2WD offers a range of 1.8 to 4.6 inches. When actually on the grass, it may sink a few millimeters depending on the condition of the grass.

Mulching / bagging / discharge

Our mower comes with mulching, bagging, and side discharge options.