Development Process | Auto Dumping Bag

The Spark of an Idea

While browsing YouTube videos, we noticed people need to manually remove and empty the grass catcher multiple times during lawn care. On average, they had to empty the catcher after mowing approximately every 20 square meters.

This caused trouble for lawn care, which sparked the idea of developing an automatic grass dumping module to address this issue and enhance the user experience. By introducing an automatic grass dumping feature, we could eliminate the frequent need for manual grass removal, streamlining the mowing process and saving users valuable time and effort.

Research and Proposal Confirmation

We researched the existing grass dumping accessories on the market and sent out a large number of questionnaires to finally confirm our design goals.

Design Goals

◉The structure must meet strength requirements while being simple, stable, cost-effective, lightweight, and highly reliable.

◉It should enable fully automatic grass dumping and allow for convenient attachment and detachment from the main machine body as an accessory.

◉During grass collection, there should be no significant grass leakage, and the opening should be sufficiently large to ensure smooth dumping.

◉After prolonged use, the grass catcher may accumulate dirt, so attachments should be easy to clean and maintain.

◉An integrated grass-full detection system is required.

Development Process

First Edition: Electric Push Rod

Second Edition: Motor + Connecting Rod Mechanism

V1 Motor direct drive
V2 Motor + double linkage
V3 Motor + single linkage
V4 Refinement design and verification testing
V5 Adjust the front and rear frame ratio
V6 Change the opening method
V7 Complete

Third Edition: Electric Push Rod

V1 Uses electric push rod drive
V2 Makes the electric push rod smaller to achieve sealing and dust proof
V3 Externalizes the electric push rod to the grass collecting frame
V4 Handle offset for optimized experience
V5 Full iron frame structure, integrated grass bag
V6 Add millimeter wave radar, grass full detection
V7 Diameter is thickened by 8mm, adjust the direction of millimeter wave radar