Powering Next-Gen Electric Mowers with 56V LFP Batteries

Powering Next-Gen Electric Mowers with 56V LFP Batteries

Electric Mower with 56V LFP Batteries

As the first R&D team to apply lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries to the lawn mower, we overcame many challenges.

When engineering the next generation of our electric rc lawn mowers, we set aggressive targets for safety, cyclic performance, and lifespan that commodity lithium ion packs couldn't meet. After substantial R&D and rigorous testing, we developed custom LFP battery optimized for the intense demands of electric lawn care equipment.

Swapping unstable transition metal oxides for inert iron phosphate cathodes immediately enhanced thermal and chemical stability. LFP’s high resistance to oxidation at charging voltages over 4V minimizes heat generation and decreases flammability risks relative to conventional lithium ion – a paramount concern for power tools. LFP also withstands vibrations, drops, and other mechanical shocks that rapidly degrade cheaper batteries.

We additionally implemented battery management and cooling innovations that help LFP retain over 80% of its original capacity for over 1500 cycles – helping LFP retain its charge capacity decade after decade in electric lawn mower usage.

Mowrator lawn mower is equipped with a 56v 12ah/18ah lithium iron phosphate battery, which provides strong power and battery life for the operation of the lawn mower.

Owners will reap the benefits through our electric mowers’ improved hill climbing ability, faster blade spins enabling wider cuts per pass, and ability to power through dense or wet grass. Whether you have acres of property or a small urban lawn, these latest electric models powered by robust 56V LFP battery technology will make short work of yard maintenance.

While no battery solution is perfect, LFP’s tolerance for high voltages, heat, and repeated charges/discharges come closest to meeting commercial requirements. Electric lawn mower owners constantly battling short-lived lithium ion packs will appreciate LFP’s longevity.

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