Mowing Wide, Tall And Tough

Mowing Wide | 21-Inch Blade

● With 21-inch blade, Mowrator S1 can cover more ground in fewer passes, saving you time and effort.

● Optional self-sharpening blades cut the grass more neatly and require less frequent replacement

Mowing Tall | Up to 4.6 Inches

● Cutting height can be adjusted from 1.5 inches to 4.6 inches.

● Opt for a lower setting to achieve a tight, manicured look or raise the deck higher to tackle overgrown grass with ease.

Mowing Tough Grass| 6.0 ft.lbs Cutting Motor Torque

● Comparable to gas riding on mower. Cut St. Augustine grass with great results.

Mow With Neat Results

Max 75% Mowing Slop

Let Mowrator Handle Steep Slopes And Rough Terrain

The 4WD design, durable construction and enhanced stability handle rough terrain, uneven ground and challenging conditions with ease.

Battery Runtime 2.25 Hours

Safer, Longer-lasting LiFePO4 Battery

● Maximum coverage 1.25 acres per/charge.

● Up to ten years of battery life. 1500 recharge cycles, 3 times industry average.

● More resistant to high temperatures, safe to use in the hot summer.

Designed to Extend Battery Life

● Mowrator has a fan for battery cooling, extending battery lifespan.

● The battery's four corners are wrapped in silicone, preventing damage to the battery cells if dropped.


User Friendly Smart Control

Instructions for use are displayed on the screen. Easy to use.
One-click to go straight and one-click to turn around, saving time and effort.
Ergonomic design, comfortable to long-time hold.

Conquérir des hectares en toute simplicité

Front Bumper And 4 Ultrasonic Sensor

● The front bumper prevents collisions.

● Sensitive ultrasonic sensors identify obstacles and automatically stop when approaching them.

Idéal pour tondre l’herbe haute et dure

● To stop the mower's blade from spinning if the mower tips over or rolls onto its side, the Tilt/Rollover Sensor provides an additional layer of protection.

Auto Dumping And Vacuum Cleaning

Convenient Automatic Grass Dumping

● Sparing you the hassle and mess of manual removal.

Powerful Leaf Vacuum

● Strong suction vacuums up leaves thoroughly

● Handle difficult spots like bushes, flower beds that are tough to access.

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Product Reviews


Lorsque j'étais à Equip Expo en octobre dernier, ce qui m'a vraiment marqué, c'est que c'est quelque chose que je n'ai pas vu dans cette industrie. Nous travaillons avec de nombreux robots tondeuses, mais je pense que la précision des commandes était vraiment unique. En tant que paysagiste travaillant avec des équipements électriques à batterie et des tondeuses robotisées, je suis toujours à la recherche d'entreprises uniques et innovantes comme Mowrator, et je pense que ce produit est quelque chose sur lequel je veux vraiment investir du temps et des efforts pour apprendre.


Le Mowrator est unique sur le marché et nous sommes ravis de nous associer à leur entreprise pour le commercialiser aux États-Unis et en particulier sur les marchés californiens. Les retours que nous avons reçus des revendeurs ont été très positifs, notamment en ce qui concerne la construction de l'appareil.


Strong Delivery Capability

The first batch of products is expected to ship from the warehouse in April. The machines can reach the first group of customers as early as May.

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